Top Apps for September 2019 by Downloads

WhatsApp was the leader with close to 68M installs, 34% were from India and 9% from Indonesia.
TikTok was the second popular non-gaming app worldwide with over 60M installs in India (44%) and USA (8%).
Messenger, Facebook, and Instagram were in the top 5.

Top Apps in USA

Instagram with close to 4.9M installs, and a 79% increase from September 2018.
YouTube goes after with almost 4.7M installs, which is a 2x increase from September 2018.
TikTok, Messenger, and Snapchat are in top 5.

Top Grossing Apps Worldwide

First plave – Tinder with over $78.4M in user spending, which had 6% growth from September 2018. 42% of Tinder’s revenue came from USA, 7% from UK and 5% from Brazil.
Netflix was the second highest earning app with over $66.2M in revenue. About 47% of Netflix’s revenue was from USA, after goes UK with 5%.
In the top top 5 was YouTube, iQIYI and Pandora.

Top Grossing Apps in USA

Top grossing non-game app in USA was Pandora with over $41.2M in user spending, which mean 25% growth from September 2018.
The second was YouTube with close to $37M in user spending, 75% growth from September 2018.
Tinder was the next, followed by Netflix and HBO NOW.

Top Grossing SVOD Apps Worldwide

Top grossing SVOD apps worldwide for September 2019 were YouTube with $55.7M in user spending, 2x increase from same month last year, 66% USA, 7% Japan and 4% UK.
iQIYI had second highest earning svod app, with almost $45.7M in gross revenue, which means 24%-year growth. About 97% of it’s revenue was from China, 2% from Taiwan.
Next go Tencent Video, Youku and Hulu.

Top Grossing Health & Fitness Apps Worldwide

1st place –  Calm with over $6.7M in user spending, 6% growth from last year. 57% revenue from USA, 11% from UK and 7% from Canada.
MyFitnessPal goes after Calm with more than $5.7M in gross revenue, which is 9% year growth. About 68% of MyFitnessPal’s revenue was from USA, 8% from UK.
The top 5 ends with Headspace, Weight Watchers and SWEAT.

Top Grossing Health & Fitness Apps in USA

In the top grossing Health & Fitness category in USA was MyFitnessPal with over $3.9M in user spending and 10%-year growth.
The second place in the U.S. went to Calm with more than $3.8M in user spending.
Below we see Weight Watchers, Headspace and BetterMe.

Top Grossing Mobile Publishers Worldwide

The top grossing mobile publisher in September 2019 was Tencent with over $599M in user spending and 30% growth from last year.
NetEase has $256M in gross revenue and 2nd place in the rate. Since last year they have 11% growth.
The next top three were: Bandai Namco, Playrix and King.

Top Mobile Games Worldwide

Mario Kart Tour from Nintendo was on the first place with close to 86.2M installs. Most installs came from USA (15%) and Brazil (12%).
Sand Balls from SayGames was the second most installed mobile game worldwide last month and had 39.6M installs. Top countries by installs were India (12%) and Brazil (10%).
Fun Race 3D from Good Job Games, PUBG Mobile from Tencent, and Garena Free Fire from Garena closed the top 5 list.

Top Mobile Games Worldwide by Revenue

The top mobile game was PUBG Mobile with more than $158.5M in user spending, and 7.6x increase from September 2018. Most of revenue comes from China with 55%, followed by 15% from USA and 5% from Japan. Looks like it will be last month for PUBG on the top after Call of Duty release.
Pokémon GO from Niantic still remains on the second place with close to $116M revenue, which is a 33%-year growth from previous September. About 41% of Pokémon GO’s revenue was generated in USA, 29% from Japan.
The next was Honor of Kings, Fate/Grand Order and Candy Crush Saga.

Top Ridesharing & Taxi Apps Worldwide

Number one remains Uber with close to 12.3M installs. 19% of its total downloads in Brazil and 15% in USA.
Grab goes after with close to 4.3M installs, which show 8% increase from September 2018. Countries with most installs were Indonesia (41%), Vietnam (16%).
Below we see DiDi, Ola, and 99 in the top five.

Top Dating Apps Worldwide

Tinder was the most downloaded dating app in September 2019 with almost 5.5M installs and 4% increase from last year. 19% of its total downloads from USA and 12% from Brazil.
Badoo was on the second place with close to 3.8M installs. Top Badoo countries were Brazil (17%), Russia (11%).
Tantan, MeetMe, and Happn ended in the top 5.

Top Grossing Dating Apps Worldwide

The top grossing dating app was also Tinder with over $78.4M in user spending and 6% growth from September 2018. Revenue spread: 42% from USA, 7% from UK and 5% from Brazil.
Bumble was on the second place with more than $20.2M in revenue and showed very high growth of 52% from September 2018. About 79% of it’s revenue was from USA, followed by 7% from UK.
The next was Pairs, Badoo and Tantan.

Top Food Delivery Apps Worldwide

Uber Eats was on the top with close to 8M installs (17% increase from September 2018). By countries: USA (18%)  and India (14%).
Swiggy was on the second place with almost 3.6M installs (41% increase from September 2018), 98% from India.
Zomato, Foodpanda, and DoorDash ended in the top 5.

Top Social Media Apps Worldwide

TikTok had almost 60M installs. It was popular in India (44% of its all downloads) and in USA (8%).
Facebook had the second place worldwide, with more than 50M installs. Top countries were India (23%), Indonesia (11%).
Instagram, Likee, and Snapchat are still in the top 5.

App download estimates are from Sensor Tower’s Store Intelligence platform.

Estimates include downloads for the App Store and Google Play worldwide between September 1, 2019 and September 30, 2019. Apple apps and Google pre-installed apps are excluded. Unique installs only. Android estimates do not include third-party stores. Figures represent aggregate installs of all app versions.