SEO or the Search Engine Optimization is changing as fast as you are reading this words. What was trendy in 2018, in 2019 can be old fashion. If you have been successful in the past or you are in the present, it doesn’t guarantee you that you will also be in the future. So, here are the top five SEO trends you need to follow this year.

  1. Mobile first

Does your website have a mobile friendly interface? Does it load fast enough? If no, leave everything aside and focus on this topic first! You might want to check this mobile test now in order to know where your web page stays.

Google has already switched to Mobile First Indexing in 2018. Mobile first refers as simple as its title suggests to prioritize the mobile online experience before designing it for any other device (including also desktop web).

SEO trends 2019-Mobile

The reason is very simple: the mobile market is in continues growth. All the recent studies show that more then half of the traffic comes from the smart mobiles devices, which is nearly 60%.

  1. Voice search

The internet rules are changing increasingly fast. If at this moment, about 36 million people in America use the voice activated devices every month, in maximum two years, it is predicted that from all the searches, half of them will be vocal.

I will write down some numbers to make things even more clearly. The vocal search queries went from 25% in 2016 to 30% in 2017 and by 2020 is expected to reach 50%.

As humans, we have the tendency to write in a different manner then when we speak out load. For this reason, the keywords also change. So in order to be in the SEO trends, you need to adjust and have a special strategy for the voice search.


  1. Quality writing

As obvious as it might be, don’t forget the high quality writing in order to keep up with the SEO trends 2019. There are a lot of changes happening this year in the SEO world, while some things will always be the same. The Search Engine Optimization has its special algorithm to bring the most visible websites based on the content. You should always aim for quantity and high quality that meets the most desired keywords.

In a famous interview, Eric Enge, one of the best SEO consultants and the present General Manager of the award winning digital company Perficient Digital states the same thing. He says clearly that tracking the performance of different websites showed that the ones who has excellent deep content, had better rankings all the year, in comparison to lower content websites

SEO trends 2019-Quality writing

Just be sure you create a content that will make people want to stay on your website. You want them to remember you and come back. Also, a step closer to success is to try your best to make the most out of it by mixing your internal and external links.



Did you know that Youtube has over 1 billion users? This unbelievable number represents one third of the total internet surfers. Also, is good to find out that 87% of online marketers are into video content.

If used in a proper way, the Video Content is clearly one of the seo trends to follow. Nowadays, people tend to prefer videos over articles if they want to get informed. It seems that it is a lot easier for somebody to watch a video presentation, instead of reading an article. The trend is growing fast, so any website that wants to keep up with the SEO trends 2019, should necessarily focus on creating as many videos as possible that the public can digest. The quality should be high and the message easy to understand for everybody. If you don’t already use live videos, you are a bit behind the trend. This a year to learn more about them and start going live.

SEO trends 2019-Video Content

  1. Artificial intelligence

Get prepared, open your mind and enter the artificial inteligence (AI) part of the seo trends to follow. AI existed for a long time, it is in the humankind speech since the early Greek philosophers started speaking about it 2500 years ago. It went throughout the history with different fantasies novels, but now we are finally meeting it.

As a matter of fact and unsurprisingly, Artificial Intelligence is at the base of everything that Google does. Part of it gathering the news headlines, the machines learning in Gmail, the robotic human-sounding and so on.

The whole world of digital marketing is changing through the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, which limit is important to add that is higher then just the search results.

Things become smarter then ever. More improvements in the social media domain and mobile applications will arise and we just need to keep up and inform ourselves about the Artificial Intelligence. Another change that doesn’t need to find you unsurprised is that the search algorithms will include this new steps, so keep on reading on this subject because you will always need to update your website with the new AI trend.