SEO is a very important part of the way in which the Internet’s content is developed in these days. We are seeing increasing numbers of automated tools to ensure that content gets to the right pair of eyes that the content producer is looking for, but for the time being a human mind has not been replaced yet in terms of making sure that the content that is being published gets found by our targeted audience.

SEO Trends to Follow in 2020-Search

What is SEO, exactly?

            SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it is basically a set of techniques to influence the way in which search engines such as Google or Bing find and display content. With the amount of information that these behemoths have to handle every single second, you can imagine that there are a lot of interested parties in making sure that the right stuff pops up first and fastest. In this case seo trends and techniques are employed by content curators to make sure that a certain website gets greater volume and quality of traffic, meaning that it gets seen by more people that are actually interested in what it holds and that all of this happens through Organic Search Results (meaning traffic that you do not pay for).

            Search engines work automatically in fractions of a second to inspect in a specific way the content that they find when a query is generated, but this search can be influenced by a number of techniques that range from proper title tags to internal links and many other things in between. This optimization is what takes place when we say that we are employing SEO. Let’s discuss the latest seo trends.

Page speed:

            We all love to see the screen snap into what we are trying to find in split seconds, turns out that the people behind search engines love this too, and they make sure that page loading speed is a key factor when indexing a website. Make sure you optimize for this if you are looking to get better traffic.

Going beyond Google:

            In this digital age, things change at such a rapid pace that we can get easily left behind if we chose to stay within what is common practice and not look beyond. Google is certainly the most powerful player in this game, but it is not the only one anymore, and chances are that some of the other giants will give it a run for its money soon. Make sure you not only optimize for Google but also its main competitors.

What are you linked to?:

            It is not only of great importance to have proper internal links within your website but also to have good quality links to outside sites too, search engines are paying increasing amounts of attention to this detail and you should not overlook it.

AI is on the rise:

            AI is being used more and more, and if the paradigm shifts completely to favor it then there is one technique that will stand out as the most effective in terms of being excellent for processing by AI, it is Structured Data Markup. This is because of the way in which AI tends to interact with content, and will be key if the popularity of it continues to rise.

Voice search is around the corner:

            This is another instance where just staying on the current state of things will just not do. Even though voice search is not as fully-fledged yet as some would have us believe, the truth is that it has been gaining prominence for a long time and we can all see that it is probably the way forward. Of course, waiting until that happens to start optimizing for it is possible, but you would be putting yourself at the risk of being too late when it comes. If you have the resources to do it I would suggest that you invest in proper SEO centered around voice search, so that you have the clear advantage when this technology takes its final leap into stardom.

A bit of Programming knowledge:

            Websites are no longer what they used to be. Their complexity has increased greatly to provide incredible experiences, and this complexity means that it is harder to just make sense of a website by its text contents. The programming language that is used by browsers to display websites is known as JavaScript, it is what programmers use to deliver complex instructions and code extensive behaviors into their websites. They now have the power to manipulate what a browser shows and gets from a user to an unprecedented level.

SEO Trends to Follow in 2020-Planet

It enables them to do great things, but the cost of this is that to optimize a site that makes heavy use of this programming language you actually need to understand it so you can help a Search Engine read and index the content in a proper way.

 I hope you can find some use in these since they seem to be the best poised to become the seo trends 2020 by far. In such a rapidly changing environment such as the Internet and tech development, even the slightest of edges can make an incredible significant difference and you probably can’t afford to fall behind regarding Search Engine Optimization, it is too valuable an asset to be left to luck or randomness. Thanks for reading.