Top 7 PPC Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketer

PPC (Pay Per Click) traffic plays a large role when it comes to affiliate marketing as it usually shows more conversion that PPV traffic or any other kind of existing paid traffic. Below you will find a brief overview of the most popular PPC networks you should generally consider.

1. Google AdWords

Google AdWords

This is the most popular ad network, which has over 60% of PPC market share. Today it is hard to find affiliate marketer, who has never used this service to generate traffic.

Google AdWords can be used to reach hundreds of millions users from all over the world, and it is perfect for global and local campaigns both for mobile and desktop devices. Moreover, many websites are connected to the AdWords program, so you will not have problems with targeting.

It is definitely the most advanced and widespread ad network in the world and the cost per click rate starts from $0.01 (depends on the campaign you launch). There are many features that can be used to automatize ads display and betting.

2. Bing Ads

Bing Ads

Just as AdWords being launched by Google, Bing Ads was launched by Microsoft. Maybe after reading the previous section you have decided that only AdWords is worth using as an option for getting PPC traffic; however, you should know that Bing Ads offers one advantage, a traffic of higher quality.

Bing Ads network reaches more than 33% of desktop device traffic in the US and the share of its traffic continues to grow. The minimum cost per click there makes $0.05.

3. 7search

7search is not supported by the powerful media giants like Google or Microsoft, but it is still an outstanding tool for acquiring PPC traffic due to the fact the platform unites numerous niche website and search engines into a huge affiliate network.

This is where you can get a high quality targeted traffic from the specialized blogs, websites and membership services. In general, it costs more than the one you get from the AdWords and Bing, but it provides higher conversion rate.

4. LookSmart

This service is alike 7search; it is developed to connect marketers, publishers and advertisers in a single network. It is not as big as 7search, but still can offer much specialized traffic for a relatively low price. The minimum CPC makes $0.01 and the minimum sum you need to launch a campaign makes $50.

Social Networks PPC Ads Display Services 

Ignoring social networks as a platform to place your ads on would be a huge mistake. Therefore, here are a few most popular networks that perfectly fit for affiliate marketer’s purposes.

5. Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

When talking about placing ads in social networks the first one to consider is Facebook. It reaches 1.6 billion active users all over the world, and can offer detailed targeting options leaving Google AdWords, Bing Ads or any other network far behind.

Here you can make targeting by user behavior and it is very easy to do this. You can target audience by:

  • demographics;
  • age;
  • preferences;
  • communities;
  • interests;
  • etc.

This network is ideal for both beginner and advanced affiliate marketer. However, you need to make sure your ads comply the strict Facebook requirements, as being able to produce ads that pass moderation is very important when you deal with Facebook.

6. YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads

YouTube is the most popular video hosting in the world, and it is powered by Google. The advantage of YouTube is the fact you can place not only banners, but also make video clips that will be displayed to users during them watching some interesting content.

YouTube is a great place to generate traffic; however, it is not so good for affiliate marketers if you are not promoting something like an app, a mass product. Nevertheless, for the ads and banners in the upper right corner any kind of product is suitable; just make sure you make a right targeting, it is essential to choose the right kind of content your ads will be displayed with.

7. Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads

There are more than 300 millions of users in Twitter and most of those usually show high activity within the network. Twitter is perfect for brand development or sponsored content sharing; though, it cannot really be said to be a good platform for direct increase of sales or downloads.