Push traffic sources are the new methods to attract new clients and users to your site. This source of free mobile traffic is attracting attention and experts are using these to drive new traffic to the sites. You can unleash the real potential of best tool for sites where you can let people know about your new products. Free mobile visitors are waiting for you and you just need to use the most suitable push source for your site.

Best Mobile Traffic Sources

There are several tools that one can use to get the best mobile traffic for free. We are about to go through some of the most commonly used top sources to get the best mobile visitors.

Push Traffic-Mobile Push

Push Notifications

You might have not heard of notifications for mobile but you might have seen these on computer display a lot of times. All the sites and stores are using this amazing feature to get more users for their sites.

These notifications are the tiny warnings that usually appear on your computer display while you are visiting any site. These are very common on mobile devices like Android phones and Apple devices.

Propeller Ads

Propeller ads must be the top choice when we are considering free subscribers through this feature. In case their other tools are already applied on your site then you must give a try to this feature too. If you have knowledge about their ad tools, the setup of their tool is going to be a very easy process.

The format is almost the same on all sources. But don’t forget to add a detailed image and great description for your ad.

RTX Platform

RTX platform is very famous source among the pros these days. This platform has been around for a long time and they are very famous among the affiliate marketers. Most of the people are using their features for their affiliate programs.

You have to follow the same steps that you are already using on other platforms and the structure is the same as:

  • Creative description
  • Ad Group
  • Campaign

You can use their built-in options too that can help you to get user’s attention with catchy headlines and titles. Their optimization features and settings are great to get free mobile traffic.

Push Traffic-Smartphone Push

Mega Push Traffic

This company is owned by a Russian brand and they are known as a major name in the market. They have offered many great features that were missing in other push sources like they have introduced the preview button where you can preview your ad before publishing on your site.

You can get track of the traffic that site is getting through these and optimize your campaign according to get more effective results from your ad campaign. Our end goal is the attention of our readers and to ensure that our newsletters are subscribed by them. If you see any better option, don’t hesitate to try that too. Always go for better options regarding your brand.