These tracking methods are beneficial for marketing campaigns of any business even affiliate marketing. These two distinct are used by different people for different purposes to track performance of their web pages. Both eventually help in generation of reports to be analysed so as to figure out ways of better performance. We are going to evaluate the pros and the cons of both below.

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Pixel Tracking

One of the real life experience or a tracking pixel example that you must have noticed is when you visit any website. It shows a notification saying that it stores cookies and you are prompted to accept it. This is exactly how it works. It stores every move that you as visitor on a website make in the form of cookies. If you want to know what is tracking pixel how does it work?  Then understand that it starts with copying a code from a software or website providing you this service. You paste that code on your website and your job is done. Now whenever a visitor visits your site every move by him is stored in the form of cookies. Once a conversion is made or let’s say a product is sold or a service is subscribed to the cookies store that as well. This is how you get to know the number of people who came to your website. This method also helps in finding exactly how many people clicked on the product or viewed it. You also get to know about the number people who actually bought the product. This way it ensures that you know about the conversion rate of your product and figure out ways to improvise.


This technique is a very easy one to comprehend to and is very easily doable. Anyone who has been working on a website can implement it. It is basically just a task of copying a code from one place and pasting it at your website. With this you are done with your part of technical work, now you can just sit back and see the magic.                                                                                                                                                                              


This technique is not 100% efficient. There are chances that when a visitor visits a site, the cookies must have started getting stored. But if he/she deletes the cache memory before conversion then it all turns out to be inefficient data. Secondly there have been instances where a browser doesn’t allow websites to store cookies. Even if a user accepts letting the cookies get stored that might not turn out to be beneficial. The Safari browser which is a product of Apple Inc has come up with a new privacy policy for users. Apple has recently started deleting all the cookies if the user hasn’t visited the website again in the next 30 days.

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Postback URL                             

Postback URL is a server to server based tracking technique. Where the server of a software or website is linked to your webpage and it starts working. This technique is more technical one to understand and implement. Basically when you have linked your website to a server it assigns a unique code to every offer when clicked. This unique code is embedded in the URL to the buy product link. Later when the conversion occurs or the product is bought the server checks for the matching unique code. The code that matches with the offer is taken as a “converted” offer while others are considered as “clicked” or “viewed”.


The numbers generated through this technique are reliable and this technique work efficiently. It doesn’t depend on any browser settings nor can be disabled by any user. Nobody can tamper with the data or information generated through this technique.


It is a complex technique and requires a person to have at least some specific technical knowledge about it. It works on macros and the person implementing should understand how macros work and also a little coding. It requires knowledge about the parameters where the unique code is to be entered. The user also should know the use of tokens in case of Affiliate marketing.

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Both these techniques have been continuously and consistently used by various users. The objective in the end is to help the business grow. It doesn’t really matter which technique one uses as far as anyone of these is being used. Yes the Postback URL has more accuracy in data over the Pixel Tracking. But, Pixel Tracking is easier to implement while the other one needs proper knowledge. If you are ready to learn the ways to implement Postback URL then you must implement postback url tracking. As more accurate and reliable data promises better analysis which ensures better performance. In case you think now is not the right time then carry out your work with the Pixel Tracking. To start learning about a new technique might not be something you would want to place your bets on. Rather you can utilise that time optimising your content and creating more quality content.