When it comes to having a new website, chances are you are intending to make money out of it. If you have a blog, for example, you’ll want to have an income from it. A common misconception (kind of a misconception) is that the amount of views your page gets is what will determine if you make money.

Well, yes and no.

One of your first questions as a blogger is how many views will I have to reach to start making money out of this? Is there a number you need to have to earn money? There are many variables that come to play. Technically, if you have one reader, you can make money out of it. Now, you won’t make 100k from that reader but you can get money out of it. The truth is, money comes from how you use your page views.

Traffic and Income-Man get money

Straightforward, how many page views do I need to make money from a website?

If you want a number, the truth is that number is around 100,000 page views a month. This is if what you want is to make a living, full-time income out of it.

This number is not absolute, some people have 30,000 page views and can have a full-time income with it. Some people have 60,000 and can barely make $200 dollar a month. You need to know your way around making money. Again, you can have one view a month and still be making some money out of it (probably not more than 5 dollars but still).

If you don’t only get money according to website traffic earning money depends on other things. What are those things?

When it comes to website worth traffic is a big player but it isn’t all. You need to consider things like What kind of foundation have you set? What is your content? What is your focus? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, it will be hard for you to make a focus on making money.

Now, something that is KEY is to know where your money is going to come from. I don’t know what most people expect, but you aren’t going to hit 100,000 page views and poof you get a $10,000 check. While at 100,000 views a month you should be earning around $3,500 a month, if you are not doing the right things, then you won’t bet. Period.

So, ask yourself, how are you going to earn that money? Ads? Sponsored posts? Affiliates? Your own products? Google Adsense can earn you some money, and it is one of the most popular ways to do so. Pay-per-click seems to be the way in which most people earn their money, and it is great if you know how to use your SEO tools and use Adsense.

However, it isn’t the only way to make money.


How do I earn money from my website?

Affiliates is a big thing when it comes to earning money. Affiliates are similar to Pay-per-click, but they pay if the person clicks AND PURCHASES. The good part is, they pay a lot more than PPC.

Sponsored posts are also a way to earn money. It might take longer but getting the right clients will give you nice money. However, before sponsoring you’ll need to get a good number of readers, a sponsor will probably not pay you if you have less than 10,000 readers a month. So, we go back to traffic. You can start making sponsored money at about 10,000 readers per month.

If you want your blog to start making money, you need a plan. Learn how bloggers similar to you earn money, build multiple sources from which you will be able to.

Also, even if we said traffic isn’t everything, it is important. So, you will want to start increasing your traffic. You can use SEO for this.  Consistent publishing is also something you want when it comes to increasing your traffic. Not only that, but consistency is very important for an engaged audience.


How important is an engaged audience?


The thing is, an engaged audience is a faster-growing audience. Sponsors will want to work with you with an engaged audience.

The thing is, your audience has to care about what you think. They need to trust you and treat you like an advisor. Otherwise, campaigns aren’t really fruitful and growth won’t be constant. If your opinion matters to your audience, then chances are a sponsorship will actually work, and your audience will give your sponsor’s sales an increase. That means you get a good reputation.

Traffic and Income-Money from Internet

Even if you have 5,000 readers, if they are engaged, you can get much better results from a campaign that if you have 30,000 non-engaged readers.

Engagement also means an eventual increase in readers. Especially when it comes to blogging, you get “recommended”. Oh, this blog has great articles about this… Oh, she has such cool recommendations…


So, let’s review. What do we need to make money?

  1. Traffic – You want to make a full-time income, your magic number is 100,000. It is the number where you SHOULD be making it. So, take it as a reference.
  2. A plan – search for different options on how to make money and find the best ways in which you can get money from them
  3. Engagement from your audience – if you don’t have an engaged audience, you won’t be having growth and you won’t be having success with sponsorships.
  4. Know what you are doing – read about this as much as you can, look for ways other make money, take courses if you want to make a business out of it, you need to know your way around it.