Using Google Ads is an excellent opportunity available for affiliate marketers as well as businesses to promote the business. You should understand how to use those advertisements effectively. That’s where you should pay more attention towards the different forms of ads that are delivered to you with Google. This includes paying more attention towards Google Gallery ads as well.

Google Gallery ads

What exactly are Google Gallery ads?

These are interactive advertisements, which will be displayed on the top of engine results pages in mobile. Lots of people in today’s world tend to use their mobile devices to access the internet. Due to the same reason, you need to pay more attention towards getting your message sent to people who use mobile devices to search for what they want. That’s where you have the chance to get the most.

When you use Google Gallery ads, you will be displaying them under the standard text headline. Along with a display URL. You will be able to find them coming along with an image carousel that you can swipe as well. You will often be able to see these advertisements on social media feels including Facebook and Instagram.

Apart from the headline of the ad, you will also notice that every single image is linked with a tagline as well. In here, the headline can be found at the front of screen. Users can keep on swiping the carousel and the headline will not change.

When you are learning how to set up gallery ads, you can find a possibility for you to include up to eight different images. The minimum number of images to enter is four. Likewise, you can have 70 different characters for the tagline as well. On top of everything, you will notice that you have the chance to test many different combination types, which can deliver different call to actions and value propositions. It is up to you to get the most out of them and move forward along with time.

When you are setting up these, you need to pay more attention towards gallery ads requirements and gallery ads specifications. The guide that you follow will be able to provide all these information to you. When you follow the information delivered to you, you will be able to end up with achieving effective results at the end of the day. This will make you fall in love with what you can secure as well.

What is the intention of Google Gallery ads?

In the meantime, you should also be aware about the intention behind Google Gallery ads. When you take a look at the trends, you will notice that the number of people who use their mobile phones to access Google is increasing on a daily basis. Google wanted to display their ads to these people as well. That’s the main reason why Google Gallery ads was introduced. It will provide even better experience to the mobile users because the ads are combined with images. In other words, these ads are capable of delivering better values to the users at the end of the day.

Google Ads

Who can receive the benefits out of Google Gallery ads?

Any person who is currently using Google ads can enjoy benefits coming along with Google Gallery ads. That’s because you will be provided with the chance to keep the ads displayable for a higher group of individuals. Along with that, you will be increasing the overall attention that your ads are receiving.