Telegram Analysis

Telegram is a cloud-based mobile and desktop app used for messaging. It is focused on speed and security. It was built by Durov brothers, the builders of Russia’s largest social network-VKontakte(VK).

This app is a very popular social messaging app which enables users to text, share pictures, audio, location, files and videos. It syncs with all devices and can be used on desktops, tablets and mobile phones. The messages you can send via Telegram has no limit. It is not file selective as you can share all kinds of files, doc, zip, and others.

Telegram is a combination of Whatsapp and Snapchat features. Like Whatsapp, you can access if your message has been read by a person through the green double checkmarks. You can also see a person’s online presence via this app. This app has a Secret chat feature that allows you run chats that can self-destruct after a while without leaving any trace.

Telegram Channels-Monitor

It is based on MTProto protocol which is built on time-tested algorithms. This makes security on the app compatible with high speed and reliability on weak connections. You can use telegram to private chat, to do group chats and channel broadcasts. Groups on telegram can accommodate as much as 5000 members while channel broadcasts are public broadcasts.

The Secret Chat feature of telegram is its most popular feature. It is 100% private because messages can self-destruct from two seconds to one week after typing them. The app is constantly evolving with time. The developers of the app keep coming up with new things. After Whatsapp was banned in Brazil in December, 2015, Telegram saw 1.5m+ users. The app is truly creating a “New Era of Messaging”.

Telegram is a good social platform to be on especially if you want to network on a wider range.

Telegram Channel Analytics

Telegram channel is a new way of broadcasting messages. You might have seen this feature on whatsapp but this is totally different. Whatsapp only allows users to add up 256 members in a broadcast and these users can only get your message if they have saved your number.

Telegram channels work in a totally different way. There is no limit to the number of people you can add to a channel. You can add 200 members and after that, anyone can join the channel through a public or private link. Telegram channel is a combination of Whatsapp Broadcast and YouTube channels.

They are specifically designed for marketers and businessmen to promote their business. In a telegram broadcast, you can get:

  1. Channel Icon and description which allows you to identify a Telegram Channel easily.
  2. Private and public channels, Public channels have usernames which you can search for and join. Private channels require an invite link via which you can join the channel.
  3. Notifications will be gotten by all members when a post is published on the channel.
  4. Unlimited members.
  5. Share files which have as much as 1.5GB.
  6. You can also pin important posts at the top of the channel to show them to new and old members of the channel.

For now, these are the best features of Telegram channels.

Telegram Analytics

Every month, Telegram reaches as much as 200 million active users. It is important to know this statistics and analytics of telegram platforms so you can know how it operates better.

There are two types of platforms in Telegram: channels and chats. Both of them have their individual analyzing capabilities.

A channel is a place where only the author’s messages appear. In a channel the indicators to measure are subscribers and views.

A chat is a platform with multiple chat members. The indicators to measure in a chat are the number of members, number of daily or monthly messages and the activity rate of each member.

Channel Analytics in Telegram

This is a non-profit project, especially in gathering statistics for more than 10,000 Russian Telegram channels. On Telegram, all the statistics is open and can be viewed by everybody because they are always updated automatically every day.

It also has ratings for Telegram channels in which all platforms are divided into various categories and they are compared with each other using several parameters such as: subscribers, citation index, and growth rate. All these data are used for advertising in Telegram.

To analyze a chat on telegram, add Combot to it. This tool is used to analyze members’ activity and the popularity of chats. It is available as @combot in Telegram.  All you need to do is to call the bot using command/stat. The bot will send you a link to your group’s statistics.

Combot will provide you with statistics on: The number of daily, hourly messages, users’ activities. It also shows stats for any user, you can find the most active members and the number of days when they are active. This service has its own chat rating. Its chat lists are divided based on country and there is a common rating system for platforms all over the world.

Telegram Channels

Content Analytics: Popsters

This is used to identify the most popular posts and to understand what content works better for a channel. You do not need to be an admin of a channel or add a bot to it before you can do the analysis.

It also allows you to compare different channels with each other. This will allow you to study the activity of your competitors. Via Popsters, you can check the percentage of subscribers who viewed a post and also figure out the best week, days and hours to post.

In addition, the tool also analyzes VR by content type, text length, and number of posts by text length, by content length, relative activities by text length and content type, as well as post views.

Tgstat: This can be used to analyze a Telegram channel. It shows statistics of views, shares, subscribers and channel mentions.