Hyper casual games are simple games that can be played even by a small child. These are lightweight games that do not need any hardcore understanding. It generally makes the player get addicted to the game and keep stick to it.

These games are easy and fun playing. These have short sessions so that players can play from anywhere. This has a simple user interface which is operated with a mobile phone.

Hyper casual games tutorial

Hyper casual games offer very simple gameplay. It is very easy to play a hyper-casual game. There are different ways to play different hyper-casual games. Some games provide different stages and levels of the game whose level of difficulty does not increase.

Hyper casual games trend

  1. Puzzle Games

Hyper casual puzzle games are known for their simplicity. In this type of game, there is no end of the game. The games continue till infinity. The player just needs to solve the puzzles as far as possible. The most popular puzzle games are the Bejeweled series, Collapse series, Luxor series, Etc.

  • Hidden object games

This genre is the most popular type of gaming. Here some hidden object needs to find out. This game is generally a time-limited game where an object is to find out in a given time frame. The most popular hidden object games are Mystery case files, Mortimer becket series, hidden expedition series, Etc.

  • Adventure games

This type of game is generally a mixture of Puzzle games, Hidden objects and so on. Which gives the players an experience of simplicity as well as adventure. The most popular adventure games are Dream chronicles series, Aveyond series, Nancy drew series, Etc.

  • Strategy games

This type of game focuses on the mental ability of the player and also his problem-solving capacity. It uses Statistical and logical abilities. It is sometimes used as a medium to increase mental capacities. The most popular strategy games are the Diner Dash series, Delicious series, cake mania series, Etc.

  • Arcade and action games

This is a simple form of action games. Players who can’t play hardcore action game can opt for hyper-casual Arcade and action games. The most popular arcade and action games are Plants vs. Zombies, Peggle series, feeding frenzy series, Etc.

  • Word and trivia games

This is the type of game that includes words. It challenges a person’s language ability. This is the source of entertainment for small children who can learn new words from it. The most popular word and Trivia games are Bookworm, Bookworm adventure series, Bonnie’s bookstore, Etc.

  • Card and board games

This is an online or offline card gaming system. Here the card game is played on a mobile phone as well as on the PC. The most popular card and board games are Slingo Quest, Lottso deluxe, Luxor mahiona, Etc.

Top hyper-casual games

Many hyper-casual games are overtaking the industry. The top games list involved is based on no. of downloads.

  • Fun Race 3D

This game is developed by Good job games. It was the most downloaded hyper game in this industry. Its downloads were 43 million in 2019. The country which made the largest downloads was India with 15% of the total downloads.


It is developed by Voodoo. It ranked 2nd in the top downloads list worldwide. The no. of downloads was 26.4 million. The country which made the most downloads was the United States with 17% of the total downloads. Then the second country was Brazil with 7% of the total downloads.

Some other top hyper-casual games are: –

  • Jelly shift

It is a very fun and challenging game which is played on the mobile. In this game, the player needs to change the shape of the jelly which is very interesting.

  • Traffic Run!

Under this game, you need to drive a car and make the car cross the roads safely. You need to escape from the traffic and avoid hitting cars. This game can also be played in KBH games.

  • Run race 3D

It is a very entertaining game. In this game, You need to drive the car and race with the other drivers. It is a type of racing game but in a simple form. You have to jump, twist and turn to run faster.

  • On Pipe

This is a puzzle type of game. It is very easy to play, Players need to slice corn, rocks, leaves or other things on this tube. Make sure you don’t cut into obstacles.

  • Tiles Hop

Here the player plays with the help of a ball and goes as far as he can by bouncing the ball from obstacles. The points are collected here. Which will depict whether you cross the level or not?

  • Bottle Flip 3D

In this game, you need to flip the bottle so that it can perfectly land on the ground. It is the matter of a few minutes to learn how to play this game.

  • Line Color 3D

This is an online game that is played in real-time using the internet. As the name suggests, in this game you have to play with the colors. The player needs to constantly design a line to reach the endpoint.

  • Battle disc

This game is similar to its name, here you need to use a disc to destroy the blocks of your enemies.


This is a very big market for hyper-casual games as the consumer base is from small children to elder ones. There is tremendous growth in the market that can be seen from earlier times until now. It involves big to small industries.