Email spam is just another word for Junk Emails and it involves a pile load of unwanted messages which enter into one’s inbox from time to time. In recent times the advent of technology has made the act more prevalent in our lives and with the advent of the Lead Generation marketing strategy, a lot of people have made use of the such unsolicited messaging system to get some benefits for themselves. In another wise however, some people have also used this mode of sending spam emails to send links into people email inbox and upon clicking the links in the spam mails, they have lost the huge fortune that accrues to them.

Spam mailing has been on the rise from the early 1990’s but with the creation of new technologies that could make the trend easier and faster to get to a wide network of people, many people in the course of trying to defraud people, have utilized the wicked system of spam mailing.

It must be noted that although in a bid to checkmate on the effects of spam mails in the world, there have been set different laws in different states of the world and because of these laws, there is the assumption that the laws have clamped down on the multifarious spam mails that are sent on a daily basis, but the sincere truth is that although the laws are made, they have in no way been able to reduce the effect of spam mails in the world

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How to identify spam mails?

Generally, most spam mails always set out as some sort of commercial mail. The purpose of their commercial nature is to make sure that the recipient of the mail is attracted to such mails and when you do open the links of the mail, you are compelled to open some links which are sent within the body of the mail and this is specifically how people fall victims of the activities of phishing websites and also such other websites who use the links to send virus to the respective gadgets that use the link in accessing whatever information they might claim to have.

It should be noted that the email addresses that spammers send their mails to, are such email addresses as they are gathered from the social media pages, from Google and other online platforms. These same set of mails can later be sold to other spammers, thus increasing the number of spam mails that one is likely to get on a daily basis.

One variant of spam mails is called the Mainsleaze and the reason why it is so called is because the technique is mainly used by top notched organizations. Most times the recipients of this kind of mails are those people who probably must have signed up for a newsletter or a package on the site of the company and so when they get these messages, the get to see useful information alongside the spam messages and if the recipient is not careful, you might end up being confused as regards what exactly you requested for and what you eventually got.

Also, most times when one logs into a random website, one might want to download something from the website and then you are told to sign up with your email. Most times the content of the mail that you get attracts you, but when you do sign up, you have made yourself vulnerable to the possible activities of scammers and fraudsters who could likely peruse the details of your mail and then use it against you.


Typical Spam message styles that people do not know about

Most times for the big shot companies that we find around, they already have a database of names and email addresses, but they work alongside with some spammers who help them update their email list and names this way, they end up having more than those who subscribed for their mail messages. Eventually, this is what leads to major spamming as both the people who requested for the mails and also those who didn’t request end up getting the mail.

Another major technique which is used by spammers is the use of the image mails. Most times these images carry on them; messages that the sender hopes to convey but so that the recipient doesn’t decipher the fact that it is a spam mail but an image, such message is sent as some sort of gif image which appealing color, but early researches have stated that most of such messages on images are not the regular and common sense kind of images. Most times the images are not coherent and then one begins to wonder why the spammer sent such images. The effect of this on the innocent business man is that the email admins have now set a new feature into mail systems to block such kind of spam. Sometimes all that transpired might just be an innocent advertisement without the intent of harming. With this feature, the recipients would not end up getting such messages

Also, another type of spam message is the blank spam message which does not have a body or content and heading, but can still be classified as spam because the message wasn’t requested for.

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Getting off the Spam hook

What is Email when you do not enjoy the content of your inbox? What is Email when the bulk of the message that you get are unwarranted spam messages and then you cannot seem to get the grasp of what your email is all about? In other to stop your inbox from being filled with spam messages, you would activate it under your settings and also make sure that a message that you suspect as spam, is marked as such. By so doing, any message from the same sender would always be filtered out.