What the PPC-specialist should be?

PPC. What is it?

Contextual advertising is an interesting and multifaceted sphere, where you can apply both analytical skills and creativity.

To understand how a PPC specialist works, imagine a programmer who writes the code and rhymes lines with iambic at the same time. In contextual advertising, you need to adjust to the limitations of advertising systems and create an original advertisement that will appeal to potential customers and will stand out among other competitors. This is the complexity and charm of this work.

Experts on contextual advertising not only affect what users always see in the search – they help the business attract new customers and return old ones again and again. Good specialists help clients find and fix possible problems, which means they make this world a little better.

Another advantage of working in the field of PPC is the dynamics. You will quickly see the result of your work, and in the majority of cases you will not have to wait six months to understand if your strategy is effective. And in terms of self-development it just can not stand still: the sphere is constantly and rapidly developing.

5 Necessary personal qualities

First of all, you need to understand what personal qualities you should have. After the test task and the successful passing of several interviews, working days will begin, so you need to be mentally ready.

Quality #1. Analytical mindset

Create and run advertising campaigns is only a one-third of the way. The main thing is that advertising brings the result to the client, and for this purpose it is necessary to regularly optimize the campaigns. A specialist should put forward hypotheses and by analyzing a large amount of data (from advertising accounts, analytics systems, from the client) seek their confirmation or refutation.

Quality #2. Patience and propensity to monotonous work

According to the results of analysis, the expert builds the work plan in the advertising accounts. Often this schedule consists of such monotonous tasks as regroup keywords, expand the list of Targets for the Display Network, exclude information links in dynamic search campaigns and so on.

In addition to this, there is a pool of necessary monthly tasks such as: expand the list of negative keywords for search campaigns, exclude irrelevant minus sites in media campaigns and update banners.

Quality #3. Perseverance

Sometimes in the process of work there are situations when the specialist has tried all the possible options, but there is no result. And then the most difficult thing begins: to rework everything one more time, for example, a media campaign, to look for unconventional approaches, to experiment and at the same time try to look critically at the work, which has been done.


Quality #4. Ability to express thoughts clearly and competently

This is a misconception that a specialist in contextual advertising does not need to communicate with people. Yes, there is less communication if compare with the Project or Sales Manager, but still a specialist needs to communicate with colleagues, technical support of advertising systems, programmers, designers, client marketers, and sometimes take part in Skype and customer meetings. Therefore, you should learn how to formulate thoughts clearly, write competently, and defend your position reasonably.

Quality #5. Self-learning

The sphere of contextual advertising is developing very quickly. What seemed innovation two months ago, today is considered as a common thing. To work effectively and make maximum use of advertising opportunities, you need to permanently monitor the updates of advertising systems, new tools and market trends.

The specialist in contextual advertising should quickly understand what he sees for the first time in his life: new advertising tools, analytical systems, CRM client. Be ready that it will be necessary to work with the most different subjects starting, for example, from the solid fuel boilers, LED lamps and finishing with the laser cosmetology.

If the above points are close to you or you persistently develop these qualities, this job is great choice for you and you will enjoy it with all challenges that will occur.