As an affiliate marketer who is always thriving for success, you need to have a clear understanding about all the industry changes that are taking place around you. Then you will be able to get a better idea on how they create an impact on your affiliate marketing efforts and what steps that you should be taking in order to overcome the negative effects that you will have to deal with. That’s where you need to focus on the new privacy protection cloud introduced by Mozilla Firefox.

What is the new privacy protection cloud of Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox recently announced that all their browsers will start to block website cookies automatically. However, Firefox will also be providing an option, which will help people to enable and disable cookie blocking according to their preferences. This new feature will be available for few years.

Firefox Privacy

You need to go through this Firefox privacy policy update from the perspective of an affiliate marketer and then understand what kind of an impact it can create on your affiliate marketing initiatives.

During the recent past, you can see how all the major internet browsers out there in the world started rolling out professional privacy features to the users. This is the very first time that Firefox joined the list. Before Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome have introduced similar privacy features. The main objective of this Firefox tracking protection feature is to deliver enhanced security and protection to the people who are using the internet browser to surf the internet. You can pay your attention towards this feature and understand how it will be able to create an impact on the future of how you are going to continue with the affiliate marketing efforts.

What made Firefox come up with such a feature?

Numerous incidents that took place in the recent past have tempted companies such as Firefox to come up with this kind of unique and innovative features. Facebook Cambridge Analytica Data Breach is a perfect example to prove the above-mentioned fact.

Along with the news circulating about data breaches, people are getting more concerned about the way how their data is being used to offer digital marketing services. Due to the same reason, people are getting attracted to the services, which are in a position to deliver a higher level of protection and privacy for the individuals in need.

According to Dave Camp, who is the Senior Vice President for Firefox, the new Firefox privacy settings feature to disable cookies was introduced to provide enhanced protection to the users and help them to ensure their privacy in a convenient manner. For example, it has the ability to deliver tracking protection to people who in a similar way to tracking protection that is available in Firefox private browsing modes.

How can this Firefox privacy policy impact your affiliate marketing efforts?

Now let’s come to the most important question on how this Firefox privacy policy will be able to create an impact on your life as an affiliate marketer. Cookie tracking can help many different aspects of the affiliate marketing campaigns that you run. For example, cookies are being used to identify potential leads and track leads. On the other hand, cookies can be used to move forward with traffic source targeting as well.

Once an internet browser introduces a new feature, it has not been able to create a massive impact on the affiliate marketing efforts. This can be applicable for Firefox privacy policy update as well. However, it is better if you can monitor it carefully and get a better understanding about what changes you will have to experience in the long run. Then you will be able to change your affiliate marketing campaigns accordingly to cater the needs.


If you are already using re-targeting tools, you need to understand that the Firefox tracking protection feature will be able to create an impact on it. For example, assume that you are an affiliate marketer who is having native ads as the key source of traffic. When you are using a native ad network to receive traffic with retargeting, you will be using cookies. That’s because retargeting will never be possible without the usage of cookies. When the cookies are blocked by an internet browser, you will not be able to get the maximum use out of them. As a result, you will have to experience a negative impact on the overall conversion rate at the end of the day. You need to keep this fact in your mind and move forward, so that you can minimize the damages that you ae facing.

In the future, you will have to expect many such changes in browsers. Hence, you must keep your eyes open for them.